Advantages of being a VIP
Free Account
VIP Account
Access to the VIP Area.
Access to all quests.
Access to Djin (buy items paying 10% more).
Possibility to buy Mana Rune with discount in Dark Rodo VIP.
Access to the strongest bosses in the game like Ferumbras, Infernus and Golden Knight.
New hunts like: Ancient Dragon, Mercenary Mage, Red Knight, Ancient Gargoyle, Cachero, Eternal Oblivion, Master Warlock and Hero King.
20% additional damage on critical system.
Areas with bigger and faster respawn.
TPs to all cities inside the VIP mansion. Access to exclusive and giant houses.
20 slots to use the /autoloot command for the chosen items to automatically fall into the backpack. Free players have 3 autoloot slots.

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