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Lots of news!!!!
by ADM Potinho
ADM Potinho

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Lots of news!!!!
What a year huh guys!?

I hope it was a good year for everyone and for us ExtremeOT players it was a year full of news! Check out some:

!!! Custom Rookgaard city for high-levels addded !!!

* Dodge System
* Bounty Hunter System
* Skin System
* Upgrade System
* Several new areas with quests, including Rookgaard
* Character trade
* Craft System completely redone
* NPC City Guide, which marks some ExtremeOT places.
* Boss Room

And there's a lot more to come! See you on ExtremeOT. Let's go together, towards 3 years online! Thank you all.
17.11.21 10:10:25
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