ExtremeOT's FAQ
Is it allowed to use any cavebot in ExtremeOT?
I haven't found any staff members online and I have a question, what to do?
I liked the OT and would like to contribute, what can I do?
Where can i donate to server?
Are there any points sale offer?
Can I exchange a VIP item picked up on the site?
How often do events take place at ExtremeOT?
How do I get a promotion for my vocation?
Why, even with bless, do I lose backpack when I die?
What are reputation points?
How often does the server reset?
Where can I find a particular quest?
What are Event Coins for?
And if I die from lag, am I entitled to compensation?
What if I see there are power abusers?
What do I do if I find a bug on the server?
What if someone is breaking a server rule like advertisement, bug abuse, etc?