Capture The Flag info
It is an event where each team aims to steal the other teams flag.
Every day at 6:00PM, a teleport to the event will be opened in the depot, where whoever enters will not be able to leave until it ends, you will be in a waiting room for 5 minutes (time for more participants to join). After 5 minutes have passed the event will start, 2 random teams will be formed, the objective is to steal the other teams flag and bring it to their base, the first team that does this 15 times will be the winning team of the event!

OBS¹: Dying in the event does not lose level.
OBS²: If you take too long to get the flag back to your base, it goes back to where it came from.
OBS³: It is not allowed to use any type of magic to become invisible or stealth ring.
When does the event occur?
Every day at 7:00PM, UTC-3.
What are the benefits for the team that wins?

Each player on the team wins 5 Event Coins and 0,2% of your total experience.