Donation Rules
We inform the players and collaborators that ExtremeOT has no financial interest. All income obtained is directly reapplied for server maintenance - this means that when you do a donation, you are ensuring the stability and increasing quality of it. The points that are transferred to players who perform donations dont represent nothing more than our gratification, that is, you are not buying points but receiving a symbolic gratification (in form of points) which benefits you ingame; you can use your points anyway you want. The spirit of this system is simple: with the intention of get closer to the players and make you feel at home, we understand your donation as a two-way street in the question credibility. Believing that it is worth investing in server maintenance, we invest in you by giving points, as mentioned earlier, can be used the way you want. Check out our ExtremeOT Shop and learn how to take advantage of your points in the most profitable way.

Frequently Asked questions

But what are Premium Points? Premium Points is part of our donation system, with them you can purchase a Premium Account or something else that is available in the Shopping Online or ingame.

I have lost donation items, am I entitled to a refund? In case of death without Amulet of Loss, death with Red Skull or any careless loss, items will not be returned, DO NOT INSIST.

In case of server reset, are the points returned? If the server is reseted, the points will be refunded in full.

How to make a donation?
Click the "Continue" and follow all procedures to make your donation.

Donation terms
I accept the terms and wish to proceed.
Be aware of the terms of donation before proceeding!