The bossroom mechanic was implemented seeking to bring more dynamism, cooperation and opportunities to players. You can choose if you want to get the reward at the end or you can make the bosses and then get the amount of rewards equivalent to the number of times you completed the boss room.

There are 3 different rooms (for level 350, 500 and 700). All tickets for all boss rooms can be obtained from the NPC Event Trader, using Event Coins. To complete the room and claim the reward, you must be seeing the boss when he is defeated.

Among the rewards are from Crystal Coins to Extreme Set, the best items in ExtremeOT. Therefore, it is now possible to farm VIP and points within the game and get exclusive items, enjoy!

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Noble Bossroom

Access: Boss: Level: Required item:



350 noble bossroom ticket





Unlucky (100%) 10 crystal coins 100k
Common (15%) BP of SD 20 runes with 100 charges each
Common (15%) BP of Explosion 20 runes with 100 charges each
Common (15%) BP of Magic Wall 20 runes with 100 charges each
Common (15%) BP of UH 20 runes with 100 charges each
Uncommon (5%) Merchant Outfit It even gives you a scroll that makes you get the merchant outfit.
Uncommon (5%) 1 Cassino Coin Gives you a chance to spin the item roulette wheel in the casino.
Uncommon (5%) 1 EXP Scroll A scroll that increases EXP gained by 50% for one hour.
Rare (2%) Extreme Archer Helmet For Paladins: Arm:18, distance fighting +4, magic level +2, protection physical +5%.
Rare (2%) Extreme Titanium Helmet For Knights: Arm:21, shielding +4, protection physical +10%.
Rare (2%) Extreme Wizard Hat For Mages: Magic Damage +10%, Arm:10, magic level +3.