ExtremeOT Arena Information
This arena is similar to the Global arena, it is divided into three levels (30, 200 and 400) with three difficulties, to go to the next level you must go through the starters. Remember that when you complete an arena level and go to get your prize, in addition to the trophy, you will only be able to choose one of the five options: one of the three items or the bag or the present box.

OBS¹: You can leave the battle room at any time, just go to the southern teleport. When exiting, you start from the beginning of the level, in case of retry.
OBS²: If you die inside the arena it counts as a regular death, when you try to re-enter the arena you go back to the first monster.
OBS³: Only when you finish all 10 rooms will you be teleported to the prize area, each prize room is related to the difficulty level.
And what does this arena look like?
Where is the entrance to the arena?