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| IP: extremeot.com.br | Port: 7171 | Version: 7.6 |

* Online: 22 * Exp rate: Here * ADM FX-6300 - 3.5 ghz
* Accounts: 992 * Loot rate: 2x * Ram: 12 GB
* Players: 991 * Skills rate: 30x * Magic Rate: 15x


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89 kills

Picaretas Never die

27 kills

KGB Team

23 kills

Dance Macabre

18 kills



Now all ExtremeOT players will have access to autoloot. Free players will have 3 slots and VIP players will continue with 20 slots. Type/autoloot in game and enjoy!
Posted by ADM Potinho

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The frag system has been changed. Previously only the last player to hit got the frag of death, now the last two players to hit someone will get the frag.
Posted by ADM Potinho

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Whenever they asked, I informed them: we have an internal game system for training, but CAVEBOT IS NOT ALLOWED. If any GM comes to you and asks if you are there, and you are on a hunt walking, releasing magic and hitting and you don't answer the GM, you will be banned DIRECTLY, without right to complain.
By using some automation to hunt you are taking the risk of banishment and deletion, losing any donations you have made, REMEMBER IT IS YOUR RISK.
Reports against bots can be made in game, on the forum and on the official Discord, I count on everyone's support and understanding.
Posted by ADM Potinho

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Posted by GM Blink

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After 1 year and five months we will start a new season today, 21/02/2022. We've evolved a lot in the last year and, at the players' request, we wiped the server. New adventures with the same fun, come play with us. We now have an automatic training system, type /train in-game and check it out!
Posted by Adm Site

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What a year huh guys!?

I hope it was a good year for everyone and for us ExtremeOT players it was a year full of news! Check out some:

!!! Custom Rookgaard city for high-levels addded !!!

* Dodge System
* Bounty Hunter System
* Skin System
* Upgrade System
* Several new areas with quests, including Rookgaard
* Character trade
* Craft System completely redone
* NPC City Guide, which marks some ExtremeOT places.
* Boss Room

And there's a lot more to come! See you on ExtremeOT. Let's go together, towards 3 years online! Thank you all.
Posted by ADM Potinho

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